Monday, February 21, 2011

Resources to webdesigners

Can't come on something to design? - Here's the resources I use.
How many times haven't you sit there and wondered; "Damn, how am I going to design this site?". In this blog entry I'll show you some of the resources I often use when I designs. 

Never heard of this site? Maybe not so weird, for this site has never been very popular, but damn, it does its work. This site has many different categories where you can easily find what your looking for. Looking for inspiration to your buttons? - why not navigate to the button section.

This site has many good designers. Its a lot of good designs, from character design to web design to even logo designs. I personally use this site most for inspirations.

This site is mainly for those who want to buy or sell designs, but hey, as long as they shows their designs, its inspiration to get. This site has just "qualified" designs selling their work, and believe me, I haven't seen anything even close to bad design there, ever.

I haven't used this site so much yet, but so far, so good. This site has 108 pages with 10 entries each packed with quality designs. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

A bit about the blog and the author

Welcome to my blog, and my first post here at Interesting4geeks.
Unfortunately wasn't it any "cool" names for my blog available, so then we have to live with this. Why I chose this name is because it describes the blog pretty good, for I'll only publish posts that are interesting for me, and I'm a big, happy geek.

What can you expect from this blog?  
You can expect an good, well organized describing blog  for those who likes everything between hardware, software and webdesign. I'm obsessed by design and tidiness so any mess on this blog, wont happen.   

So, who am I?
On other sites I often  call me for Cleafox or CrostE. I'm registered on uncountable sites. My "real" name is Thomas, and I come from Norway, right under the capital - Oslo. I'm a boy that are almost 19.