Tuesday, March 29, 2011

GIVE AWAY: USB Gamepad for PC!

To celebrate 100 followers I will give away a USB Gamepad for PC. The gift will be bought from Dealextreme (cost $9.90) and sent direct to the winners adress. You just have to comment in this post to participate in the give away. I'll give the comments numbers and use random.org to find the winner.  Only 1 post each!

You have to be a subscriber to participate the give away.  Good luck to you all! 

The winner will be drawn  31.03.2011, 23:30 GMT +1

Monday, March 28, 2011

How to earn money through bux sites

So, to make it easy. This will be a little tutorial about how you can make money trough those bux sites all over the internet. The first thing you got to remember is to register on a trusted site, its a lot of fake bux sites out there, so stay away from them. Google the bux site you want to start on before you start and put effort on it.

 What's a bux site?

A bux site is a site where you can click on ads and get payed for it. The system is pretty advanced and it takes a lot of effort to understand the system completely. Read on this tutorial and you hopefully understand a bit more about the system.

How can I trust a bux site?
If you look closer you will see that everyone is earning on a bux site:
- The advertiser will get the traffic he ordered
- The clickers will get some money to click the advertisement
- Owners of the site will also get some money from those that advertise

How do I earn money?
Now your at the hard part: trying to understand the system. First you need to understand those:
AVG stands for average. Thats the amount of clicks  divided on amount of referrals / days etc.
RR stands for Rented referrals. When you rent a referral you will get an amount every time the referral clicks (depends on what bux site your on). So the more RR's you have, the more you earn.
Autopay is a function some of the bux sites have. This function will renew your RR's with 1 (or may be more) day(s) every day they click on ads. To save some money turn this function on.
is important to change out the referrals that don't click. If the referral have an low AVG you should recycle it as soon as possible to squeeze most money out of your 30 days.
is important to not loose your existing referrals. You should extend your referrals if the renting period is lower than 5 days.
are important. You will always start as an standard member, or pioneer if the site is quite new. A higher membership will cost some bucks but you'll easy earn them back. With a upgraded membership you'll easy earn back your investment in maximum 30-40 days. You'll get up to twice as much for each referral click that you would get with the standard membership.

So step for step, what should I do?
1. First of all you need to find yourself an bux site you want to use. I personally recommend onBux (my referral link). onBux is an registered company and paid a total of 2,9m dollars (yeah, wow). I have never heard of those that haven't got their payment from them, just positive feedbacks. Remember to google the bux site you want to start on and look after bad reviews which may indicate that the site is untruthful.

2. Register on the site, the only thing you have to be honest on is your payment email (such as paypal etc) to get your payment (no shit). Verify your account if the site requires verification. Now we're ready to start earning.

N3. So, lets say you want to start without investing. What you have to do (this may take some days) is to click the ads until you have enough money to rent some referrals. As I said, this may take some days, depending on how active you are. Remember, some bux sites may have a system so ads can come randomly. Try to click on so many ads you can.

N4: So now you have rented some referrals. Its several things you should be aware of when it comes to referrals. Autopay on most sites only work if the referrals have 20 (more or less) days left of the renting period. Then you have to extend the referrals for 30 more days or longer. If the referrals have an bad AVG you should recycle  the referral, then its no good for you.

Y3: So you want to invest some money to the bux site. The first you want to do is to upgrade your membership, and then maybe buy some referrals. This way you will earn some more money pretty fast. Usually you'll get more ads to click on when you have gold too, so you will earn money there too. Remember to take care of your referrals.

Y4: Remember to care care of your referrals again! Remember that the AVG will fall when you rent more referrals, its nothing wrong if your AVG suddenly drops a bit after renting 100+ referrals.

5: You may now earn a couple of bucks every day!

Hope you all liked the tutorial. Its probably a lot of typo's, but you just have to live with that. It took me about one hour to write this, just to satisfy you guys!

Been inactive for a while

Its over a month since my last post, and thats not acceptable. I have been very inactive for a while and blogger has been hiding from my toughs, shame on me. I will be active from now on and promise to at least come with a blog entry every 2 day. 

Tomorrow I will post something you would like, and in meantime: