Monday, February 21, 2011

Resources to webdesigners

Can't come on something to design? - Here's the resources I use.
How many times haven't you sit there and wondered; "Damn, how am I going to design this site?". In this blog entry I'll show you some of the resources I often use when I designs. 

Never heard of this site? Maybe not so weird, for this site has never been very popular, but damn, it does its work. This site has many different categories where you can easily find what your looking for. Looking for inspiration to your buttons? - why not navigate to the button section.

This site has many good designers. Its a lot of good designs, from character design to web design to even logo designs. I personally use this site most for inspirations.

This site is mainly for those who want to buy or sell designs, but hey, as long as they shows their designs, its inspiration to get. This site has just "qualified" designs selling their work, and believe me, I haven't seen anything even close to bad design there, ever.

I haven't used this site so much yet, but so far, so good. This site has 108 pages with 10 entries each packed with quality designs. 


  1. Hehe, very good resources!

    Hope to see more so that i work easily!


  2. check out

    sometimes they have cool designs up.

  3. I've been meaning to get into web designing. I'll be sure to bookmark these. Thanks

  4. Whoa, thanks for Patterntap. Indeed never heard of it.

  5. If ur up for the challange, you could desgin my blog, in return ofc credits and any picture on my blog in raw format :)

  6. I was already a follower of some of those thanks for the info. Followed.

  7. love deviantart, been going there for years! great options available.

  8. I used to do some webdesing.. but never thought about deviantart as a source for webdesigner heh.. I mostly did my graphics and desing on my own.